Things One Should Know


12 things that may make you smile, feel inspired, and are simply good to know.

  1. It’s good to be awesome. Always. Cultivate an attitude that shows that the world that you are a confident, generous, loving person. Who is also completely awesome.
  2.  Adhere to the Golden Rule: Be nice. People who act like assholes – they really suck. Don’t be like that. Being nice will make you a happier person. Being an asshole makes you an asshole.
  3. Learn to love the process of learning. It’s such an asset for your life if the potential to learn and expand your horizons excites you!
  4. Learning to gracefully accept a compliment is important. If you can’t easily do this, examine why that is and work on it.
  5. Become excited about change because it happens all the time. Really. ALL the time.
  6. Be grateful. Gratitude will turn the things you have in life into more than enough. Into an abundance of good.
  7. Creativity requires courage. Again. BE COURAGEOUS.
  8. Keep your eyes, and mind, open so that you can always be actively seeking out opportunities to learn, grow, be happy, do new things, be a little uncomfortable, indulge your curiosity… basically: seek out opportunities and pounce on them.
  9. Creating opportunities? It’s an awesome ability to possess.
  10. When you find love, accept it. Accept it, explore it, feel it, experience it!
  11.  If you want it, you must commit to making and/or allowing it happen. Have faith. Never say, or think, never. (see no. 1o)
  12. There is so much beauty out there. You should witness it. Learn to appreciate art. Go to museums, plays, symphonies, concerts, ballets, etc. Give yourself the time to take it all in.