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The Happy Accident

happy accident

  • Ability: the capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc. You have the ability to do amazing things. Go do them.
  • Goal: a statement of a desired result. My goals are lofty because I like a challenge and I’m ambitious.
  • Ambition: A desire or hunger for activity or exertion.  I lack the ambition to complete that asinine task. So I’ll do this one instead!
  • Hard work: There was no definition easily located (wikipedia, you disappoint me) but the thesaurus lists the term “hard work” alongside the following: abuse, beating, discipling, slave labor… and so on. Hard work and no play makes Johnny unhappy.
  • Happy accident: a statement proclaimed by some people when one achieves goals without perceived exertion and/or hard work. Oh, that amazing thing that you just noticed? It was nothing. Simply a happy accident.

Working Motherhood – Like a Boss.

mama and monkey bear moments

Of the many things I am passionate about in life, being a mother sits comfortably and unchallenged at the top of the list. I love it. I love all of it. Seriously – Claire once threw up IN MY HAIR and I laughed and brought her into the shower to rinse her off and calm her down. Only when she was calm and feeling better did I realize that hey, vomit in my hair? Not cute. Sort of gross. Should probably fix that… 

…but I also love my work, and sometimes the two sort of compete for my attention in a very real way. Take this past Thursday for example: I’m happily working, being productive… and then the Nanny announces something happened and she has to leave early.

And it’s not even noon yet.

And I work from home.