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Work + Life = LIFE!

motherhood - love - wins

There is this certain notion that permeates our society and I find it to be both particularly destructive and, well, totally wrong. That notion is this: work and life are separate things and we must work tirelessly at achieving balance between them in order to lead happy, productive, and worthy lives.

Whenever this topic is broached, it’s always done by stating that there is Work and there is Life – the discussion therefore begins by stating the assumption, like it’s a given or universal truth, that work and life separate things entirely. That each person will have these two plates to juggle and balance and that achieving that balance? It’s hard. But it is important – vital! – to your happiness. Your worthiness. Your completeness.

Working Motherhood – Like a Boss.

mama and monkey bear moments

Of the many things I am passionate about in life, being a mother sits comfortably and unchallenged at the top of the list. I love it. I love all of it. Seriously – Claire once threw up IN MY HAIR and I laughed and brought her into the shower to rinse her off and calm her down. Only when she was calm and feeling better did I realize that hey, vomit in my hair? Not cute. Sort of gross. Should probably fix that… 

…but I also love my work, and sometimes the two sort of compete for my attention in a very real way. Take this past Thursday for example: I’m happily working, being productive… and then the Nanny announces something happened and she has to leave early.

And it’s not even noon yet.

And I work from home.