Work + Life = LIFE!

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There is this certain notion that permeates our society and I find it to be both particularly destructive and, well, totally wrong. That notion is this: work and life are separate things and we must work tirelessly at achieving balance between them in order to lead happy, productive, and worthy lives.

Whenever this topic is broached, it’s always done by stating that there is Work and there is Life – the discussion therefore begins by stating the assumption, like it’s a given or universal truth, that work and life separate things entirely. That each person will have these two plates to juggle and balance and that achieving that balance? It’s hard. But it is important – vital! – to your happiness. Your worthiness. Your completeness.

The Happy Accident

happy accident

  • Ability: the capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc. You have the ability to do amazing things. Go do them.
  • Goal: a statement of a desired result. My goals are lofty because I like a challenge and I’m ambitious.
  • Ambition: A desire or hunger for activity or exertion.  I lack the ambition to complete that asinine task. So I’ll do this one instead!
  • Hard work: There was no definition easily located (wikipedia, you disappoint me) but the thesaurus lists the term “hard work” alongside the following: abuse, beating, discipling, slave labor… and so on. Hard work and no play makes Johnny unhappy.
  • Happy accident: a statement proclaimed by some people when one achieves goals without perceived exertion and/or hard work. Oh, that amazing thing that you just noticed? It was nothing. Simply a happy accident.

Connecting Over Connections Over Connections…


We are put on this earth to connect with one another. Connection is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. – Brené Brown

Over the past few weeks I’ve written possibly more than I should have a lot on the topic of connecting, and then I started to couple the concept of connections with the notion of fear and being courageous – because it’s so amazing what can happen when you’re able to move past the fear and into… what?