Fueling Your Fire

The Things That Fire Me Up!

In my previous post, I shared with you the one question you need to answer, especially if you want to take your goal setting to another level and start being truly strategic about how you plan your life and spend your time.

What fires you up?

The question is elegant in its simplicity.

By taking the time to thoughtfully answer this question, you’re doing something sort of amazing: you’re defining the things you need in your life to fuel your fire. Yes – knowing yourself is that powerful.

In this post, I’m sharing my worksheets with you; my real answer to this question. No edits or photoshopping here!

Fuel for the Fire

Every single day, sometimes a few times a day, I can look at my response and it speaks to me and excites me. I can take a moment and check-in with myself and cultivate a mental attitude that serves my purpose: seeing these pieces of paper can make me feel grateful, humble, excited, inspired, eager to serve, the kind of happy where I’m smiling from ear-to-ear… all the good feels. But no matter what, when I connect with my response, when I take that time to let it al in, eventually I find myself fired back up. Bam.

Fuel for the Fire


I’ve added even more to these pages since taking the photos, which I think is both crazy and kind of awesome. Crazy that I keep thinking of these things and awesome because it’s so powerful and positive – I love it!

I guess just one question remains: What fires you up? Write it down!

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