feeding your soul >> feeding your ego

I used to live my life by a set of rules other than my own, spending time chasing dreams that weren’t mine. My soul felt anxious and restless because my ego was always in the drivers seat. Change needed to happen, but I was reluctant to let these things go, despite the fact that they weren’t serving me.

I am learning that the more I place my attention and actions towards things that aren’t feeding my ego, the freer I become. And when I embrace all of the changes and the unknowns and the crazy feelings that accompany this, something sort of magical happens: I find that I’m starting to live a life where my purpose and passions line up and my soul feels like it has found itself. Like it knows it’s home.

Turns out that it wasn’t a matter of me looking everywhere to find my passions, frantically trying to discover them. It was simply one of surrender.