Why, hello there! My name is Lacey and it’s lovely to e-meet you!

When I’m getting to know someone, I love asking them one simple question: What fires you up?

We all have those things that make us want to dance, the stuff that causes us to jump out of bed in the AM because it excites us so much. It’s the good stuff. The stuff you smile talking and writing about.


My family, especially my kiddos – Claire and Maximus. They warm my heart. Watching them grow, learn, and explore is a privilege, and the significance of this is never lost on me. My 2 monkeys are my call to action.

Connecting with people, exchanging ideas, sharing passions, and inspiring one another is an experience I think we should all engage in, daily. I love sharing myself with my tribe, and I love when they seek me out to do the same. It just makes my soul sing thinking about it all!

Working with people to create something bigger than ourselves, that will last longer than any one of us, and that is meaningful, significant, and different – causing change. 

and so much more!

At the beginning of 2014, I decided to make a lot of changes in my life. To stop letting things hold me back, remove the excuses, and go for what I know I want in life – to do what fires me up, including the work it takes to get there.

In 2015, I started sharing these experiences and putting myself out there with the hope that I can inspire others to create positive change and go for their dreams. I’m currently in the process of migrating content from my old website (The One Book) to this new one, so if you stumble upon some broken links, drop me a line and I’ll fix them ASAP. 

WELL, THAT’S ALL FOR NOW… I hope you enjoy the content on the site and have a great day!

xx, Lacey